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AVIA International, a prominent European petrol station chain, embarked on a remarkable journey of retail transformation by joining forces with ReaLo. This collaboration was prompted by the changing landscape of convenience stores at petrol stations, where the traditional model of vehicle refueling evolved into a holistic shopping experience. ReaLo introduced RetailOS, a sophisticated software suite comprising two pivotal applications: The Shelfer for executives and location managers, and The Linker for in-store employees.

The Shelfer streamlined product organization, pricing, and promotions, revolutionizing these once frustrating and time-consuming tasks. Price changes and promotions that used to take weeks were now executed virtually instantaneously, leading to remarkable improvements in promotion compliance, pricing accuracy, and, most significantly, a significant boost in customer satisfaction and sales. This partnership exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and collaborative effort in the retail sector, setting the stage for further innovations in inventory management, customer analytics, and sustainability initiatives, while reinforcing the commitment of both companies to business growth and environmental responsibility.

At a Glimpse

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    AVIA and ReaLo joined forces to initiate a comprehensive transformation of AVIA’s convenience stores. This partnership elevated the overall customer experience and optimized the operational efficiency of AVIA’s retail outlet.

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    ReaLo introduced RetailOS, a groundbreaking solution that redefined the way AVIA manages their store. This innovative system automates the process of price tagging, streamlining inventory management, and making promotional execution seamless and efficient.

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    The store manager at AVIA expressed his enthusiasm for RetailOS, highlighting the tangible benefits it brought to the store. The store manager also commended the user-friendly and highly intuitive interface of the system, which facilitated its adoption within the organization.

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    ReaLo’s approach to implementing RetailOS for AVIA involved a high degree of customization. From the quantity of automatically generated labels to the design and placement of each price tag, RetailOS is tailored to match AVIA’s specific needs, ensuring the system is perfectly aligned with AVIA’s unique requirements.

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    The successful collaboration between AVIA and ReaLo opened up new possibilities for further innovation, including personalized customer experiences, leveraging advanced analytics, and exploring sustainable practices, marking just the beginning of a promising journey toward ongoing retail innovation.



In 1927, a visionary group of independent oil importers in Switzerland set the wheels in motion to realize a bold vision: to reap the benefits of an international oil company while preserving their autonomy. This audacious initiative led to the formation of AVIA, a union founded with the goal of gaining industry recognition and maintaining independence. As time marched on, the AVIA philosophy resonated with companies from various corners of Europe. This journey of resonance and collaboration eventually culminated in the establishment of AVIA International in 1960.

Fast forward to today, and AVIA International is a formidable presence, with over 3,100 petrol stations proudly bearing the AVIA name across 15 countries. It stands as a beacon of success in the European oil industry, uniting communities across borders. In this extended case study, we will delve deeper into the transformative partnership between AVIA and ReaLo, a pioneering technology firm specializing in innovative retail solutions.


The Shifting Landscape of Convenience

As the pages turned from the late 20th century to the early 21st century, the concept of a petrol station underwent a profound transformation. It evolved beyond the mundane task of vehicle refueling to become an immersive experience with the introduction of convenience stores. As vehicles became more efficient, travelers ventured further, necessitating not only the refueling of cars but also the replenishment of weary travelers. Convenience stores, once confined to selling small items and tobacco, metamorphosed into full-fledged supermarkets. They now offered an expansive range of products, including fresh produce, groceries, and an array of goods.

This metamorphosis presented both opportunities and challenges for AVIA. The operation of a modern convenience store involves meticulous inventory management, efficient pricing strategies, and precise execution of promotions – tasks that could be arduous and time-consuming in traditional retail environments.


The Innovative Solution from ReaLo

In light of these challenges and the pressing need for innovation, ReaLo, an industry disruptor, extended a compelling proposition to AVIA International. Their goal was to revolutionize the retail experience, commencing with the iconic petrol station drinks fridge. This realm posed a distinctive set of challenges, featuring an extensive product portfolio, ever-shifting beverage placements, and frequent adjustments in pricing. The cumbersome task of manually changing and updating diminutive paper price tags, no larger than a matchbox, had grown impractical for AVIA.

ReaLo introduced their state-of-the-art solution, RetailOS. This agnostic software suite was engineered to automate the generation of price labels, leveraging predetermined product attributes and aesthetics. Through seamless API integration, RetailOS effortlessly interfaced with existing management systems or offline databases, efficiently gathering critical product information, including names, descriptions, images, prices, and more. The automated price tags retained the familiar format that consumers were accustomed to but introduced captivating animations for enhanced visibility.


Unpacking the RetailOS Advantage

RetailOS is a versatile system that features a range of applications, each designed to empower retailers at various echelons of the organizational hierarchy. The Shelfer, the flagship application, was conceived for executives and location managers. It introduced a hierarchical organizational structure, aligning shelving units by category, aisle, and specific shelf, ensuring products were optimally placed. The Shelfer not only streamlined the organization but also introduced a monitoring feature for price tag placements and product stocking. This enabled swift, data-driven adjustments, ensuring products performed at their peak potential.

One of RetailOS’s most notable advantages was its ability to expedite price changes and promotions. In traditional retail environments, these processes could be protracted, involving complex planning, decision-making, and layers of approval. RetailOS simplified this intricate chain, saving time and reducing organizational stress.


Empowering In-Store Employees

The second application in the RetailOS suite, the Linker, was engineered with in-store employees in mind. It was a user-friendly, agnostic app, compatible with most mobile devices and barcode scanners. The Linker empowered employees to efficiently upload accurate price tags by allowing them to scan product barcodes and access necessary data from the database. Employees could modify and add products as needed to ensure price tags remained up-to-date and accurate.

Importantly, the Linker was strategically limited in its capabilities compared to the Shelfer, which was reserved for upper management. This strategy ensured employees could focus on pricing and tagging tasks without being overwhelmed by administrative responsibilities.


Tailored Solutions and Seamless Integration

ReaLo’s unique approach revolved around the customization of RetailOS operating systems to meet the unique challenges and objectives of each retailer. By understanding their specific requirements, ReaLo ensured every aspect of the system was precisely aligned with the retailer’s needs, from the quantity of automatically generated labels to the design and placement of each price tag.

The transition to RetailOS was seamless, thanks to ReaLo’s professional team and AVIA International’s readiness to embrace change. With RetailOS integrated into AVIA’s systems, employees quickly mastered the system, eliminating the need for manual price changes and fostering a more efficient, responsive retail environment.


Quantifying the Outcomes

The results of this groundbreaking partnership have been nothing short of spectacular. AVIA International experienced a significant improvement in promotion compliance and pricing accuracy. Price changes and promotions, which once took weeks to implement, now occur virtually instantaneously. This transformation streamlined operations and, perhaps most importantly, significantly enhanced the customer experience. The convenience store was reimagined, offering a visually appealing shopping environment that translated into substantially boosted sales.

The store manager in AVIA’s Stuttgard location was qouted saying: “A massive eye-catcher, and we have definitely seen an increase in sales. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use.”



The collaboration between ReaLo and AVIA International stands as a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in the retail sector. By embracing cutting-edge technology, AVIA International not only overcame substantial operational hurdles but also enhanced the customer experience. ReaLo’s tailored solutions and commitment to excellence elevated AVIA International to new heights, reinforcing the notion that together, they are indeed stronger. This case study is a compelling illustration of the remarkable achievements that can result from shared vision and collaborative effort.


Additional Insights and Future Directions

The success of this collaboration has opened new doors for ReaLo and AVIA International. They continue to explore innovative applications of RetailOS, with a keen focus on streamlining and enhancing the retail experience. Potential future directions include expanding the use of RetailOS to optimize inventory management, enhancing customer analytics for more personalized experiences, and exploring sustainability initiatives in response to evolving consumer preferences. The journey is far from over, and together, ReaLo and AVIA International are poised to continue leading the way in retail innovation.

Both companies remain committed to pioneering innovative solutions that not only drive business growth but also prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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