Nimrod Shoes

A Legacy Brand Embracing Innovation

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Project Summary

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Nimrod Shoes, a family-run children’s fashion brand in Israel, has experienced remarkable growth since its establishment in the 1920s. To address the challenges of scaling up their operations, Nimrod Shoes partnered with ReaLo. One major pain point was the time-consuming process of executing promotions, which involved printing and distributing materials to various locations. ReaLo aimed to streamline operations and transform Nimrod Shoes’ retail landscape by replacing printed materials with digital signage. They installed screens of different sizes and resolutions in Nimrod stores and developed a centralized content management system. This enabled immediate execution of changes and facilitated agile promotional strategies such as flash sales and quick promotions. Nimrod Shoes became a pioneer in Israel by embracing digital strategies and enhancing customer engagement. The partnership between Nimrod Shoes and ReaLo exemplifies the power of collaboration and inspires other retailers to embrace innovation in the evolving retail industry.

At a Glimpse

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    Nimrod Shoes, a prominent children’s fashion brand in Israel, partnered with ReaLo, a digital signage supplier, to address the challenges of scaling up their operations.

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    The traditional process of executing promotions through printed materials was time-consuming and inefficient for Nimrod Shoes.

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    ReaLo implemented digital signage solutions, including screens of various sizes and resolutions, to replace printed materials and streamline operations.

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    The centralized content management system developed by ReaLo allowed for immediate execution of changes and enabled agile promotional strategies.

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    Nimrod Shoes became a pioneer in Israel by embracing digital strategies, enhancing customer engagement, and inspiring other retailers to innovate in the retail industry.



Nimrod Shoes, named after the biblical figure, was established by a father and son duo in the Netherlands over a century ago in the 1920’s. Today, it remains a family-run business and has grown into one of Israel’s most influential children’s fashion brands, with over 70 branches nationwide. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Nimrod Shoes holds a special place in the hearts of Israelis, as it is often the go-to brand for children’s first steps.


From Workshop to Retail Powerhouse: Nimrod Shoes' Remarkable Growth

Despite its deep-rooted family values, Nimrod Shoes has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings as a small workshop in Tel Aviv during the 1940s. The increasing demand for reliable and fashionable children’s shoes propelled the company to unprecedented heights. With over 500 employees and substantial annual turnover, Nimrod Shoes has emerged as a dominant player in the Israeli retail space, setting a new benchmark for success.


Uncovering Pain Points - ReaLo's Partnership with Nimrod Shoes

For many years, ReaLo has served as Nimrod Shoes’ trusted supplier of traditional digital signage, providing hardware services and supplying screens in various sizes and configurations. Through continuous communication and relationship-building, ReaLo uncovered a common pain point shared by many rapidly growing companies: the need to adapt strategies from a small-scale operation to a larger-scale business. This challenge became apparent as ReaLo delved into the intricacies of Nimrod’s day-to-day operations.


Streamlining Promotions - Challenges in Nimrod's Operations

Similar to most businesses, Nimrod Shoes runs promotions for various items based on factors such as national holidays and changing seasons. However, the execution process was convoluted and time-consuming. The management team would pass down the promotion details through the hierarchical ladder, sending the information to printers, distributing the prints to regional managers, and finally disseminating them to all Nimrod locations. As a result, the process took several weeks to complete, leaving management scrambling to push new promotions before the previous ones had even been fully implemented. This inefficiency burdened the Nimrod Shoes team with unnecessary effort, unprofitable sale periods, and mounting frustrations. Recognizing these challenges, ReaLo embarked on a mission to transform the company’s operations.


Transforming the Retail Landscape - ReaLo's Vision Takes Shape

The primary objective for ReaLo was to revolutionize Nimrod Shoes’ retail landscape by eliminating the reliance on printed price and promotion materials, enabling immediate execution of changes, and creating an inviting and familiar store environment. To achieve this, different screen sizes and resolutions were strategically installed in Nimrod Shoes stores, adding a unique touch to the traditional retail space. ReaLo’s expert team developed a centralized dashboard, acting as a comprehensive content management system, allowing administrators to effortlessly add and update content across all screens simultaneously.


Seamless Content Management - Digital Signage Revolutionizes Nimrod Stores

Once Nimrod Shoes’ management team understood the immense capabilities of immediate execution, their approach to promotional strategies underwent a complete transformation. The agility provided by the digital signage infrastructure allowed for the implementation of flash sales and quick promotions, similar to the convenience offered by e-commerce platforms. Nimrod Shoes became one of the first physical retailers in Israel to embrace these strategies, enhancing their competitiveness and customer engagement.


Agile Promotional Strategies: Nimrod Adapts to Immediate Execution

With their sleek displays in place, Nimrod Shoes maximized the potential of their screens. In addition to showcasing prices and promotions digitally, they synchronized the screens to occasionally play short advertisements, immersing customers in a captivating shopping experience. This innovative approach set Nimrod Shoes apart from competitors and further solidified their position as a market leader.


Tom Rosenblitt, COO at Nimrod Shoes, emphasized the transformative impact of ReaLo’s solution, stating, “Having installed ReaLo’s solution in our stores, we now have the opportunity to execute promotions across the entire brand in a matter of moments. We felt that there was a massive gap between our capabilities in our online store and our physical store that ReaLo has been effectively bridging for us. The transformation that ReaLo created is extremely prevalent in our stores that are far away, and instead of needing to send a team member 4 or 5 hours each way, we are able to have these types of stores feel closer than ever. This has not only streamlined our operations but has also significantly enhanced our ability to connect with our customers on a more personal level. It’s like we’ve brought the essence of our online presence into our physical spaces, creating a seamless shopping experience that resonates with our brand’s ethos of quality and convenience.”


Immersive Experiences: Nimrod Delights Customers with Screens

ReaLo commends Nimrod Shoes for their courage to challenge the norms of traditional retail, fully embracing their unique nature as a brand. The journey to refine their processes and embark on a print-free world not only showcases Nimrod Shoes’ commitment to growth and innovation but also serves as an inspiration to other retailers striving for excellence in the ever-evolving retail landscape. The partnership between Nimrod Shoes and ReaLo exemplifies the power of collaboration and the immense impact it can have on transforming an entire industry.


Pioneering a Print-Free Future - Nimrod and ReaLo's Inspiring Partnership

As Nimrod Shoes and ReaLo continue their partnership, they forge ahead, pioneering a print-free future. Nimrod Shoes has not only refined their processes but has also taken a massive step towards a more sustainable and efficient retail experience. Together, they have demonstrated the power of innovation and collaboration, inspiring others to embrace change and reimagine the possibilities within the retail industry.

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