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Transforming the Fresh Produce Experience

Project Summary

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In collaboration with ReaLo, Super Sapir, a prominent Israeli supermarket chain, has undergone a transformative journey to enhance the shopping experience and address common misconceptions about supermarket produce quality. This partnership introduced an innovative solution that not only brought an exciting shopping experience to customers but also dispelled misconceptions by showcasing the exceptional quality of their fresh fruits and vegetables.

This collaboration also led to improved operational workflows, making Super Sapir’s operations more efficient and customer-centric, and allowed for real-time price adjustments, ensuring adaptability in a competitive market. Moreover, the user-friendly RetailOS system benefited both Super Sapir’s team and customers, streamlining operations and making shopping more efficient and enjoyable. In summary, the partnership between Super Sapir and ReaLo has not only challenged misconceptions but has significantly improved the customer experience, reinforced the commitment to quality, and introduced efficiency into supermarket operations, setting Super Sapir apart from the competition and transforming the fresh produce shopping experience.

At a Glimpse

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    Enhanced Shopping Experience – ReaLo’s solution introduced a new and exciting shopping experience for Super Sapir’s customers, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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    Dispelling Misconceptions – The collaboration helped Super Sapir challenge the common misconception about supermarket produce quality, reaffirming their commitment to excellence.

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    Improved Workflows – New workflows were created to adapt to the system, making Super Sapir’s operations more efficient and customer-centric.

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    High Responsiveness – The RetailOS system proved to be highly responsive, ensuring real-time adjustments and a seamless shopping experience.

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    User-Friendly – The system’s ease of use benefited both Super Sapir’s team and their valued shoppers, creating a win-win situation.



Super Sapir, a beloved supermarket chain in Israel, was founded in the late 1990s by the Sapir brothers. What began as a single small shop has since flourished into a chain of nearly 30 stores scattered across the country, proudly employing over 600 staff members in their various locations. Super Sapir’s core concept revolves around serving the communities in the peripheral areas of the country, embodying a commitment to quality and reliability. In their journey to fulfill this mission, Super Sapir sought to dispel a common misconception about supermarket produce quality and set themselves apart from the competition. They recognized the need for innovative solutions, and that’s when they teamed up with ReaLo, a pioneering technology firm specializing in retail solutions. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the shopping experience and bring out the exceptional quality of their fresh produce.


Challenging Misconceptions and Setting Super Sapir Apart

Super Sapir faced a unique challenge in the retail landscape. There was a common misconception among consumers that fruit and vegetables from a supermarket chain were of lower quality compared to those from specialized markets or local vendors. Super Sapir recognized the need to debunk this misconception and showcase the freshness and quality of their fruit and vegetable section. They believed that by integrating ReaLo’s innovative RetailOS system, with its sleek screens and real-time pricing updates, they could not only enhance the shopping experience but also significantly increase sales in this section, setting themselves apart from the competition.


The Innovative Solution from ReaLo

Super Sapir’s journey towards retail transformation found a remarkable partner in ReaLo, a pioneering technology firm specializing in innovative retail solutions. ReaLo offered to revolutionize Super Sapir’s shopping experience with their state-of-the-art solution, RetailOS. This software suite was designed to automate various retail operations, ranging from inventory management to pricing strategies and promotional executions. Super Sapir was particularly interested in utilizing RetailOS for optimizing the management of their fruit and vegetable section and challenging the misconception regarding the quality of their produce.


Unpacking the RetailOS Advantage

RetailOS, powered by ReaLo, introduced a multitude of advantages for Super Sapir, particularly in the context of their fresh produce section. The Shelfer, the flagship application of RetailOS, was tailored to meet the needs of Super Sapir’s executives and location managers. It introduced a hierarchical organizational structure that allowed for efficient placement of products within the fruit and vegetable section, enhancing its visual appeal and reinforcing Super Sapir’s commitment to quality.

One of the most significant benefits of RetailOS was its ability to expedite price changes and promotions. In the past, price adjustments and promotions could be time-consuming and complex. RetailOS streamlined these processes, enabling Super Sapir to make real-time adjustments and respond swiftly to market dynamics, thereby highlighting the quality and freshness of their produce.


Empowering In-Store Employees

RetailOS also introduced the Linker, an application designed to empower Super Sapir’s in-store employees. The Linker was user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices and barcode scanners. It allowed employees to efficiently manage price tags by scanning product barcodes and accessing the necessary data from the system. This streamlined the process of ensuring that price tags in the fruit and vegetable section remained accurate and up-to-date.

The Linker was intentionally designed to be more limited in its capabilities compared to the Shelfer, which was reserved for upper management. This strategic approach ensured that in-store employees could focus on pricing and tagging tasks without being overwhelmed by administrative responsibilities.


Tailored Solutions and Seamless Integration

ReaLo’s commitment to excellence shone through in their approach to customizing RetailOS to meet the specific challenges and objectives of Super Sapir, particularly in challenging the misconception about their fresh produce. By understanding the unique requirements of the fruit and vegetable section, ReaLo ensured that every aspect of the system was precisely aligned with Super Sapir’s needs. This tailored approach made the transition to RetailOS seamless, thanks to ReaLo’s professional team and Super Sapir’s readiness to embrace change.


Captivating Content from ReaLo's Boutique Design Studio

One unique aspect that sets Super Sapir apart from the competition is the captivating content created by ReaLo’s in-house boutique design studio. This content, displayed on RetailOS screens, is not only visually appealing but also possesses compelling call-to-action features. It engages shoppers with eye-catching visuals and encourages them to explore the fresh produce section. This dynamic content not only enhances the shopping experience but also drives sales by drawing attention to the quality and freshness of the produce.


Quantifying the Outcomes

The results of this transformative partnership have been nothing short of spectacular for Super Sapir. They experienced a significant improvement in pricing accuracy, the ability to implement promotions swiftly, and a heightened shopping experience. Price changes and promotions, which once posed significant challenges, now occurred almost instantly, allowing Super Sapir to communicate their commitment to fresh and high-quality produce effectively and setting them apart from the competition.

David, Super Sapir’s Regional Manager, commented on the partnership: “ReaLo’s solution is excellent. It’s not only new and exciting for us as a brand, but it’s also a game-changer in the way we serve our customers. The feedback has been overwhelming – our customers love it. We’ve adapted and created new workflows accordingly, making our operations more efficient and customer-centric. The system is highly responsive and easy to use, making it a win-win for both our team and our valued shoppers.”



The collaboration between Super Sapir and ReaLo stands as a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in the retail sector. By embracing cutting-edge technology and leveraging RetailOS, Super Sapir not only overcame substantial operational hurdles but also enhanced the customer experience in their fruit and vegetable section and successfully challenged the misconception about the quality of their produce, setting themselves apart from the competition. ReaLo’s dedication to tailoring solutions and commitment to excellence elevated Super Sapir to new heights, reinforcing the notion that together, they are indeed stronger. This case study is a compelling illustration of the remarkable achievements that can result from shared vision and collaborative effort.


Additional Insights and Future Directions

The success of this collaboration has opened new doors for Super Sapir and ReaLo. They continue to explore innovative applications of RetailOS, with a keen focus on streamlining and enhancing the retail experience. Potential future directions include expanding the use of RetailOS to optimize inventory management, enhancing customer analytics for more personalized experiences, and exploring sustainability initiatives in response to evolving consumer preferences. The journey is far from over, and together, Super Sapir and ReaLo are poised to continue leading the way in retail innovation while maintaining their unique position in the market.

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