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From Legacy to Digital How Coca Cola & ReaLo Transformed Marketing

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Coca-Cola, in pursuit of innovation and process improvement, partnered with ReaLo to overhaul the operational procedures. Through in-depth interviews with Coca Cola partners and employees, ReaLo identified areas for improvement and developed a purpose-built application that streamlined the process of creating promotional materials, enabling field agents to generate menu content on eye-catching screens and collect valuable data otherwise left on the floor. This partnership also repurposed old drink coolers with high-resolution screens and smart cameras to tailor content to viewers’ demographics, resulting in a dynamic advertising approach.

The digital transformation significantly increased exposure, aligning with Coca-Cola’s sales model, and has now been successfully implemented in hundreds of restaurants, fast-food establishments, and convenience stores, with a 50% surge in employees productivity. Small business owners have warmly embraced the solution, propelling their businesses into the 21st century. The partnership has expanded to affiliated franchises and supermarkets influenced by Coca-Cola’s products, promising more exciting developments in the future.

En un coup d’œil

  • The collaboration with ReaLo streamlined procedures, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to promote Coca-Cola products. This efficiency boost allowed allocating more time to expanding market presence and strengthening relationships with business owners.

  • The introduction of high-definition screens and smart cameras enabled Coca-Cola to create personalized marketing content tailored to viewer profiles. The customization increased customer engagement and sales, as the content resonated effectively with the audience.

  • ReaLo’s data collection and analytics capabilities empowered Coca-Cola to make data-driven decisions. This marked a significant improvement in assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, refine strategies, and optimizing accordingly. Real-time data allowed for more informed decision-making.

  • The implementation of ReaLo’s solution had a profound impact on brand visibility, increasing exposure by 2.5 times. Not only attracting more customers but also served as a powerful tool for reinforcing the Coca-Cola brand.

  • Streamlined procedures and digital solutions empowered Coca Cola to build relationships with more businesses, accelerating network growth and mutual success.



In the late 1960s, the globally renowned Coca-Cola embarked on its Israeli journey, a much-anticipated moment in which the iconic brand integrated into the fabric of the local culture. The Israeli office, home to approximately 450 employees, operates seamlessly to export over one million beverage packages daily. Over time, Coca-Cola Israel has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious National Award for Quality and Perfection, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Contributions to the Israeli Restaurant Sector

The success story of Coca-Cola in Israel can be attributed to a confluence of factors, with a substantial focus on the restaurant sector. Since the early 1970s, Coca-Cola has been an active sponsor of small businesses within the restaurant industry. This sponsorship goes beyond financial support, as Coca-Cola offers invaluable expertise and guidance, acting as mentors, and hand-holding the businesses as they navigate the challenges of growth. In return, these enterprises commit to exclusively serving Coca-Cola products, including popular favorites like Sprite, Fanta, Fuze Tea, and more. This symbiotic relationship extends to the installation of Coca-Cola branded store banners, dedicated beverage fridges, and custom-tailored menus designed to elevate brand visibility.

The network of sponsorships has flourished over the years, giving rise to hundreds of sponsored storefronts in Israel. These establishments span a diverse spectrum, ranging from quaint convenience stores to bustling fast-food franchises. The success of Coca-Cola’s sponsorship program is rooted in the belief that mutual growth and success are intertwined.


ReaLo's Mission - Enhancing Procedures

Recognizing the need for innovation and process improvement, Coca-Cola engaged ReaLo, a company known for its innovative solutions in the world of retail and consumerism. ReaLo embarked on a mission to enhance the procedures followed by Coca-Cola’s field agents. These agents are responsible not only for ensuring that product shipments reach their destinations promptly but also for meticulously conveying the Coca Cola brand’s message to the audience. Their meticulous approach involved in-depth interviews with numerous field agents, aimed at gaining profound insights into the existing processes. This comprehensive review unearthed critical areas in need of enhancement.

One of the standout strategies introduced involved providing field agents with the means to give Coca-Cola products a competitive edge. Field agents would enter negotiations with business owners to create enticing meal combos, offering consumers a bundled deal comprising food and beverages at a reduced price. Business owners were incentivized to participate, as they stood to gain substantial discounts when purchasing Coca-Cola-branded drinks in bulk.

However, once a field agent secured a promotional deal with a business owner, their subsequent task involved printing new wall menus and promotional cards for the business. This process was not only time-consuming but also cumbersome, as it often entailed a two-week waiting period for the delivery of newly printed assets. The challenge lay in the fact that this approach often proved ineffective; business owners were prone to changing their minds about discounting prices, expressing dissatisfaction with the printed materials, or failing to promote the agreed-upon meal combos.

The significance of field agents in this equation cannot be overstated. They act as the bridge between Coca Cola and its network of sponsored businesses. Their role in dealing with business owners is pivotal, as it directly impacts both the restaurant’s profitability and the brand’s visibility. Field agents essentially serve as brand ambassadors, and their interactions with business owners can make or break the success of promotional campaigns.

Revolutionizing the Process - ReaLo's Purpose-Built Application

In response to this multifaceted challenge, Coca-Cola initiated collaboration with ReaLo, seeking to not only replace the costly and cumbersome process of printing menu boards but also to address a more profound underlying issue. Over the course of a few weeks, the entire ReaLo team dedicated themselves to crafting a unique, purpose-built application designed to streamline the implementation process.

This application, distributed to every field agent, introduced a host of innovative features. Most notably, it allowed for the manual entry of menu content, which could then be used to generate screen-ready menu content based on a selection of pre-designed layouts. Additionally, field agents gained the ability to select content for display on the screens from a library of still images and short videos crafted by the ReaLo team. For instance, if a meal combo consisted of a burger and a Sprite, priced at 40 shekels, a field agent could swiftly create an eye-catching promotion for the small business, all from the convenience of their mobile phone.


Harnessing Data for Improved Insights

Another pivotal contribution of ReaLo’s transformation was the collection of data from various locations. Prior to this digital overhaul, Coca-Cola headquarters had to rely on conjecture to assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and their successful implementation. This presented limitations in terms of accuracy and actionable insights. However, with the adoption of this data-driven approach, Coca-Cola could now access precise, actionable insights. This marked a substantial improvement in their capacity to gauge the triumph of their marketing strategies.

Coca-Cola's Visionary Step - Reviving Dated Coolers

During the implementation of smart menu boards, Coca-Cola presented ReaLo with yet another visionary challenge. Thousands of old, perfectly functional drink coolers were gathering dust in storage, awaiting disposal. Recognizing the potential in these dated coolers, ReaLo swiftly devised a prototype that exceeded Coca-Cola’s expectations. These refurbished coolers now feature high-resolution screens and smart cameras equipped to identify the demographic profile of individuals standing in front of them. This cutting-edge feature allows for the automatic generation of content tailored to the viewer. For example, if the camera identifies a middle-aged woman, it might display options for diet colas, while a child’s presence could prompt the promotion of various juice options. This dynamic approach to advertising effectively targets a wide range of consumers.


Measuring Success - A Digital Revolution

To quantify the success of the digital transformation, Coca-Cola conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate the impact of digitization on their marketing strategy. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Digital signage significantly increased exposure, outperforming static menu boards and signs by a factor of 2.5. This digitization perfectly aligned with Coca-Cola’s AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), enhancing every stage of the customer journey from capturing attention to driving action.

Scaling Greater Heights - A Continuing Partnership

Since the inception of this transformative project, ReaLo and Coca-Cola have successfully implemented their solution in hundreds of restaurants, fast-food establishments, and convenience stores across the country. The productivity of field agents has surged by an impressive 50%, empowering them to focus on network growth rather than administrative tasks. Small business owners surveyed by ReaLo have expressed their strong preference for this solution, which has propelled their modest enterprises into the 21st century. The partnership has expanded beyond this sector, delving into affiliated franchises and supermarkets influenced by Coca-Cola’s products. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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