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The collaboration between Monoprix and ReaLo marked a pivotal moment in retail innovation. Facing the challenge of maintaining accurate pricing and seamless promotional strategies across their expansive network, Monoprix sought ReaLo’s expertise. Implementing the tailored RetailOS suite proved transformative. By automating price tag generation and introducing captivating digital displays, Monoprix witnessed a remarkable enhancement in pricing accuracy and operational efficiency. This revolutionized system not only empowered Monoprix staff but also significantly elevated the in-store experience for customers. The quantifiable outcomes were evident in the spike in sales, showcasing the profound impact of this innovative collaboration on the retail landscape.

En un coup d’œil

  • Collaboration Impact – Monoprix partnered with ReaLo to tackle pricing and promotional challenges, seeking a seamless retail solution

  • RetailOS Implementation – ReaLo’s tailored RetailOS suite automated price tag generation, introduced dynamic digital displays, and streamlined promotional strategies

  • Operational Efficiency – The implementation significantly enhanced pricing accuracy and operational efficiency, reducing manual efforts and time for price changes

  • Staff Empowerment – RetailOS empowered Monoprix employees with user-friendly apps for product placement, pricing updates, and real-time adjustments, boosting their efficiency and effectiveness

  • Measurable Results – The collaboration led to a remarkable boost in sales, demonstrating the profound impact of RetailOS on enhancing the customer experience and operational effectiveness at Monoprix



Founded in 1932, Monoprix has solidified its position as a major player in the French retail market. Renowned for its commitment to quality products, Monoprix combines its private label items with renowned brands, catering to the needs of urban dwellers in more than 700 shops. With a workforce of over 21,000 across various formats such as Monop’, Monop’ Daily, Monop’ Station, Monop’ Beauty, and Naturalia, Monoprix is a cornerstone of convenience and reliability in city-centric retail.

The Challenges of Retail Operations

Every retailer, regardless of size, grapples with the painstaking task of maintaining accurate price tags, especially amid promotions and price fluctuations. For Monoprix, an innovative brand dedicated to technology integration and sustainability, ensuring a streamlined pricing and promotion system became a pivotal concern.

ReaLo's Expertise in Retail Innovation

In comes ReaLo, a pioneering force in retail innovation renowned for its comprehensive solutions that alleviate the complexities of pricing compliance and promotions. As a leader providing an all-in-one solution that seamlessly blends the convenience of an e-commerce platform with in-store operations, ReaLo was well-poised to address Monoprix’s retail challenges.

ReaLo's Tailored Solution for Monoprix

Recognizing Monoprix’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, ReaLo swiftly engaged in crafting a bespoke solution. Understanding the intricate needs of a retail giant like Monoprix, ReaLo offered a tailored application of their cutting-edge RetailOS suite.


Addressing Pain Points

The implementation of RetailOS aimed to alleviate Monoprix’s pricing and promotion challenges. The system’s prowess lay in its ability to seamlessly manage dynamic pricing strategies and promotional changes across a vast array of products, a task that previously posed significant hurdles for Monoprix.

Stephane, the store manager at Monoprix, reflected on the challenges prior to ReaLo’s introduction, stating, « Juggling in-store promotional campaigns and maintaining competitive pricing was often a struggle. The expenses tied to marketing prints weighed heavily on our finances. »

Streamlining Operations

Much like in its previous collaborations, ReaLo’s RetailOS proved to be a game-changer. By leveraging predetermined product attributes and aesthetics, the software automated the generation of accurate and visually engaging price labels. This not only removed the need for manual price tag changes but also introduced captivating animations, catching the eye of customers within Monoprix’s bustling stores.

The implementation of RetailOS alleviates Monoprix’s pricing and promotion challenges. Stephane praised the impact of the new system, mentioning, « These screens deliver an entirely fresh visual encounter. They provide instant insights into our products, exclusive special deals, and an immersive peek into what we offer here at Monop. »


Empowering Monoprix Staff

RetailOS’s multifaceted applications were strategically designed to empower Monoprix employees at various organizational levels. The Shelfer, the flagship application, was tailored for executives and location managers. It introduced a structured organizational system for product placement and monitored price tags and stock levels, enabling swift, data-driven adjustments to optimize product performance.

The Linker, on the other hand, was a user-friendly app for in-store employees. It provided a platform to efficiently upload accurate price tags by scanning product barcodes, ensuring real-time updates and precise pricing without overwhelming staff with administrative responsibilities.

Stephane further highlighted the usability of the in-store management tool, saying, « Our in-store management tool is remarkably user-friendly and intuitive. It empowers us to handle everything seamlessly. Price adjustments occur instantly, and we can tweak our offers in real-time. »

Customization and Integration

ReaLo’s approach centered on tailoring RetailOS to fit Monoprix’s specific requirements. By customizing every facet of the system, from label quantity to design and placement, ReaLo ensured seamless integration with Monoprix’s existing infrastructure. The transition was smooth, thanks to ReaLo’s expertise and Monoprix’s readiness to embrace technological advancements. The store manager’s observations were evident as Stephane noted, « With ReaLo, we’ve seen a remarkable spike in sales for the featured items. These screens offer unparalleled flexibility in shelf arrangements, enabling effortless and dynamic product promotion. »


Quantifiable Outcomes

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Monoprix witnessed a significant enhancement in pricing accuracy, promotion compliance, and operational efficiency. What once took extensive time and effort for price changes and promotions now occurred almost instantaneously, streamlining operations and profoundly enhancing the customer experience. The visually appealing in-store environment fostered by RetailOS translated into a considerable boost in sales.

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