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Creating an Immersive Retail Experience

Project Summary

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Terminal X has partnered with ReaLo to create an unforgettable shopping experience in their new flagship store in Tel Aviv. The goal was to design and implement an immersive shopping experience that would make a lasting impression on consumers while showcasing Terminal X’s commitment to innovation.
The project entailed conceptualizing and constructing the world’s first ‘Smart Fitting Room’, developing a sophisticated integration into Terminal X’s inventory management system and creating a never-seen-before solution. By harnessing extracted raw data and creating a visually stunning display, the smart fitting room captures shoppers’ attention and delivers a truly unique retail experience.

At a Glimpse

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    Terminal X and ReaLo collaborated to create interactive fitting rooms, revolutionizing the retail experience.

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    Smart fitting rooms seamlessly integrated with Terminal X’s inventory management system, providing real-time recommendations, enhancing the customer journey

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    Data insights from the fitting rooms optimized operations, fine-tuned strategies, and identified customer preferences for better inventory management and targeted campaigns

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    RFID technology transformed fitting rooms into personalized interactions, deepening the connection between Terminal X and customers

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    Successful execution led to aggressive expansion, establishing Terminal X as a market leader while showcasing ReaLo’s expertise



Founded in 2017 by the Fox Group, Terminal X quickly emerged as Israel’s leading e-commerce platform, ranking number 1 for fashion brands in the country. With their sights set on expansion, Terminal X aimed to break into the physical retail space. Meanwhile, ReaLo, a renowned digital signage company, had built a reputation for innovative solutions. When Terminal X approached ReaLo with a vision for their physical stores, a unique collaboration began to take shape.


Terminal X's Unique Mindset

Terminal X prides itself on being more than a run-of-the-mill fashion brand. They had successfully differentiated themselves in the competitive e-commerce industry with an exclusive invitation-first approach. Terminal X aimed to bring this mindset to their physical branches, creating a distinctive customer experience that sets them apart.


ReaLo's Innovative Collaboration

ReaLo, known for their passion for innovation and problem-solving, saw an opportunity to make a significant impact in Terminal X’s physical stores. When Terminal X approached them to discuss installing simple LCD screens, through continued conversations, ReaLo was inspired by their dedication to innovation. The collaboration between Terminal X and ReaLo began to take shape.


Uncovering Customer Needs

During the collaborative process, ReaLo and Terminal X encountered a unique challenge. While RFID technology was commonly used in the retail world for inventory management and supply chain visibility, making it consumer-friendly on the retail floor proved to be demanding. The integration required leveraging the technical and data-forward nature of RFID while ensuring a seamless and market-appropriate implementation. The extensive data at hand provided the ReaLo team with a wealth of information, but transforming it into a user-friendly and engaging experience was a different matter altogether. Both teams recognized the importance of striking the right balance between the technical capabilities and the consumer’s perspective.


Creating an Unforgettable Experience

This challenge became the driving force behind the collaboration. ReaLo’s expertise in digital signage and innovation, combined with Terminal X’s vision for an immersive retail experience, led to the development of interactive fitting rooms equipped with RF scanners. The goal was to harness the power of RFID technology to deliver

real-time suggestions, alternative sizing options, and matching items, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. The collaboration focused not only on the technical implementation but also on tailoring the solution to meet the demands and preferences of the market.


Integration and Execution

Work began on integrating the RF scanner into ReaLo’s system. The concept was simple yet innovative: when a customer placed an item on a designated hook, the RF scanner would register the item and display its HTML page on the screen. The customer would be presented with alternative sizing options, matching or recommended items, a call for assistance, and even a “purchase later” button, allowing them to link the item to Terminal X’s e-commerce site for future purchase.


The Fitting Room Experience: From Solitude to Personalized Engagement

One of the advancements introduced by the smart fitting rooms in Terminal X’s retail stores is the transformation of a solitary fitting room experience into an immersive and engaging interaction. Traditionally, the customer found themselves alone in the fitting room, left to navigate their purchasing decisions independently. However, with the integration of the smart fitting room technology, Terminal X now has the unique opportunity to provide personalized guidance and assistance within the confines of the fitting room itself.


As the customer scans a specific item using the RFID scanner, the smart fitting room instantly unlocks a wealth of information on the display. Drawing from an extensive database, originally reserved for efficient inventory management, the smart fitting room seamlessly crafts a tailored experience by offering real-time recommendations, alternative sizing options, and even suggesting complementary items curated to the customer’s preferences. This elevated level of engagement creates a sense of personalization, fostering a connection between Terminal X and the customer that redefines the traditional fitting room encounter.


Optimizing Operations through Data Insights

The integration of RFID technology in the smart fitting rooms not only enhances the customer experience but also empowers Terminal X with valuable data insights. The ReaLo team, responsible for collecting and analyzing the data, can provide Terminal X with in-depth information on the items that are scanned in the fitting rooms compared to the items actually sold. This data-driven approach enables Terminal X to gain insights into customer preferences, identify popular items, and uncover potential gaps in their product offerings.


Armed with this knowledge, Terminal X can fine-tune their sales and marketing strategies, ensuring that their product lineup aligns with customer demand.By leveraging the data collected through the smart fitting rooms, Terminal X can make informed decisions to optimize their inventory, tailor their promotions, and create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their customers on a deeper level. The integration of the extensive database, initially designed for efficient inventory management, now serves as a powerful tool for driving sales and shaping Terminal X’s future growth strategies.


Through the integration of smart fitting rooms, Terminal X not only revolutionizes the customer experience but also unlocks the potential to make data-driven decisions that positively impact their sales and marketing efforts. The seamless blend of technology and customer-centricity positions Terminal X as a trailblazer in the retail industry, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional experiences and create lasting connections with their customers.


The Pursuit of Excellence

Terminal X’s commitment to excellence extended to their physical stores. They aimed to create an inviting space crafted with the finest materials and impeccable finishing. However, executing such a unique solution posed challenges, as there were no set guidelines for a project of this nature. To meet Terminal X’s requirements, ReaLo devised a creative solution: concealing the bulky RF scanner behind the drywall, creating an illusion of magic as the item’s webpage appeared on the screen when placed on the designated hook. Extensive development was undertaken to optimize signal strength and prevent accidental scanning within the booth.


Aviv Levi, VP Strategy at Terminal X, emphasized the collaborative journey: “There were many challenges in bringing our vision to life, but ReaLo was our partner for the journey. Their expertise in innovation and problem-solving was evident throughout the process. ReaLo and Terminal X came up with a solution together that exceeded our expectations. What truly stood out was how extremely professional ReaLo was at every step of the way. This technology is new, and ReaLo proved to be the perfect partner to navigate the uncharted waters with us. Many hours were spent on integration, and there was indeed a learning curve, but the dedication from both teams was unwavering. Even after the installation was done, ReaLo provided insightful data that allowed us to adapt our strategy accordingly. This collaborative effort has truly set us apart in the retail industry, and we couldn’t have achieved this level of success without ReaLo’s partnership.”


Successful Outcome

The execution of the project proceeded according to plan, and Terminal X’s flagship store opened its doors on schedule. The store, designed with the utmost quality and attention to detail, provided an inviting space for shoppers. The integration of ReaLo’s smart booths added the final touch, delivering an immersive and unique retail experience never before seen in the industry.


Disrupting the Market

Initially, the plan was to build only one booth. However, Terminal X, impressed by the impact and potential of the solution, commissioned an aggressive expansion effort. In total, eight smart booths were established, strategically designed to divert consumer shopping patterns and position Terminal X as a market and thought leader in terms of the buyer’s journey and engagement.

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