Take By Sapir Group Revitalizing Urban Convenience

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Take By Sapir Group, in collaboration with ReaLo, has redefined urban convenience shopping with a groundbreaking approach. Introducing digital displays and ReaLo’s innovative technology, the store pioneers a paperless environment, boasting over 60 e-Shelf units spanning 40 meters. This partnership revolutionizes customer journeys, enabling real-time promotions and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Immediate impacts include improved conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction, setting the stage for continued innovation and optimization within the Sapir Group’s retail empire. This successful integration of ReaLo’s solutions has propelled Take By Sapir Group to new heights, promising further groundbreaking applications and advancements.

En un coup d’œil

  • Paperless Convenience – Introduction of over 60 e-Shelf units spanning 40 meters, transforming the store into a completely paperless environment

  • Real-time Promotions – Implementation of ReaLo’s technology allows immediate and efficient display of promotions, enhancing customer engagement and experience

  • Enhanced Customer Journeys – Revolutionizing customer journeys through digital displays and tailored solutions, resulting in improved conversion rates and heightened satisfaction

  • Operational Efficiency – The « three C’s » methodology was implemented by the Sapir Group – Call, Communicate, Convert ensuring an optimized sales cycle.

  • Innovation and Growth – The collaboration sets the stage for continued innovation within the retail empire, with the promise of further advancements and groundbreaking applications of ReaLo’s technology.


ReaLo, a pioneer in retail innovation, found a strategic ally in The Sapir Group, renowned for their successful ventures like “Super Sapir” and “Neto Chisachon”, dominating accessible supermarkets in peripheral areas. Seeking to revolutionize the urban convenience store landscape, The Sapir Group launched Take By Sapir Group, a departure from conventional models, aiming to infuse vibrancy and novelty into the market.

ReaLo's Tailored Solution for Take By Sapir Group

In the pursuit of transforming the urban convenience shopping experience, Barak Sapir, CMO and Head of Innovation at The Sapir Group, emphasized, « Here in Take’s flagship store, after research on the shopping experience and the customer experience in-store, we’ve decided to implement digital displays in this store. »

After carefully planning with the experts at ReaLo, the fantastic design and build teams were guided on what a modern and digitized store looks like with its specific needs. The dedication of both teams allowed a truly magnificent feat to be achieved.

Partnering for Enhanced Customer Journeys

The partnership between all sides has propelled the new convenience store chain into a first of its kind, a completely paperless store. With over close to 60 e-Shelf units that span over 40 meters, the Sapir Group was able to eliminate every single piece of paper that would indicate price or promotion utilizing ReaLo’s technology. Furthermore the technology now allows the store to guide the customer and execute promotions that they would like to show immediately. The icing on the cake is that the e-Shelfs are appealing, fun and extremely unique in this landscape.

Barak Sapir outlined the collaboration’s objective, stating, « Our main objective was to bring the shopping experience from abroad to here, so that it will be fun to walk into an urban convenience store we’ve decided to partner with ReaLo. They gave us the ability to monitor the customer’s journey and make sure that it’s as efficient and precise as possible. »

Immediate Impact on Operations

Emploring ReaLo’s philosophy, the Sapir Group implemented ReaLo’s method called the “three C’s” – Call, Communicate, Convert. The first step is to call the customer by attracting them with breathtaking visuals, the second step is to communicate a complicated message and appeal emotionally to the customer and finally convert the sale most effectively.

The impact was immediate, generating an incredible buzz in the retail space community and to customers from all over. This tech stack allows Sapir Group HQ to be completely promotional compliant, all of the promotions are displayed accurately and quickly without any hiccups along the way, in turn the store was able to see improved conversion rates and of course a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

Highlighting the immediate impact of ReaLo’s solutions, Barak Sapir noted, « Promotions are displayed immediately on the screens without any unnecessary delays, and everything is completely integrated. The shopping experience is much better and our conversion rates are improving significantly. »

Empowering Company Efficiency

The Sapir Group, a true risk taker when it comes to testing out new products and tech, is not afraid to make massive strides towards making their customers experience the best possible. The Sapir Group has proven time and time again that when they onboard ReaLo’s experience and knowledge in the field something truly magnificent occurs. The Sapir Group is extremely stifled with the finished result and is looking towards further improvements across the rest of their empire.

Expressing satisfaction with the collaboration’s outcomes, Barak Sapir added, « It’s given us the opportunity to maximize the area I’m responsible for in the company and it’s commendable in my eyes. »

Quantifiable Outcomes and Future Directions

The integration of ReaLo’s solutions saw immediate results for Take By Sapir Group. Pricing accuracy improved, promotions were efficiently managed, and the customer experience underwent a marked enhancement. With conversion rates on the rise and an optimized operational landscape, Take By Sapir Group sets its sights on further innovative applications of ReaLo’s technology, stay tuned!

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